How MVN Works

For Investors

MVN has a very specific focus on the kinds of companies we consider, and we assess opportunities with our partner network of senior industry executives and thought leaders before bringing them forward to investors.

  • Companies that meet our criteria can submit an application for consideration.
  • A member of our team reviews the company and presents to the MVN team to see if they meet our investment threshold.
  • When a company meets our threshold, the details of their raise are finalized (total funding sought, valuation and other terms).
  • The startup becomes an investment opportunity for our network of investors.
  • Investors do their own due diligence on investment opportunities and invest in companies that meet their criteria.
  • When a startup achieves its funding goal, investors become shareholders in a special purpose LLC and the funds are released to the company.

For Founders

Startups can be platforms, products or services that addresses a B2B or B2C problem in the media, entertainment, music or publishing industries, and meet the following criteria to be considered for fundraising.

  • Companies must have a dedicated team of founders
  • B2C companies must minimally have a market-ready MVP for testing unless founders have previous exits
  • B2B companies must either have a market-ready MVP or a letter of intent from an established company for a revenue-generating test
  • Emerging technology (e.g. TVE, OTT, VR, etc.)
  • Content creation and distribution platforms
  • Monetization (subscription, PPV, advertising, commerce)
  • Data analytics and support systems