About Media Venture Network

Media Venture Network is a platform for investors seeking to make direct equity investments in companies that serve, disrupt or expand the media, entertainment, music, gaming and publishing industries. MVN identifies early to mid-stage opportunities for sophisticated and passion-forward investors in one or more of the following segments:

  • Emerging technology (e.g. TVE, OTT, VR, etc.)
  • Platforms for content creation and distribution
  • Monetization (subscription, PPV, advertising, commerce)
  • Data analytics and support systems
MVN provides a dedicated channel for founders to an investor base with an established interest in backing early-stage companies in media, entertainment, music, gaming and publishing, and a network of industry veterans providing value from strategy through growth.


Robert Lasky

Founder & CEO

Robert has been directing businesses, ranging from developed global companies to early stage startups, and helping them to navigate the implications of the web, social media, mobile, and e-commerce for over twenty years. He is a digital executive and entrepreneur who leads, consults and advises businesses, creative and technical teams on innovation, strategy, marketing, product development and monetization strategies. He has worked across numerous industries including Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Consumer Products / Packaged Goods, as well as with studios and networks including MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, RCA, Tribune, Universal Music, VH1, and Viacom.

As CEO of Media Venture Networks, he leads the product side of the business, including the sourcing and analysis of companies as investment opportunities.

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Partner Network

Media Venture Network's partner network is comprised of senior executives from networks, studios, agencies, disruptive media & entertainment companies, the events industry and financial services. Partners help to identify deal flow opportunities, provide due diligence, and vote on companies applying to become investment opportunities on the platform.

  • Each partner brings 20+ years of media and entertainment industry experience and relationships.
  • Media Venture Network's partners provide strategic value to companies throughout the on-boarding process, capital raising and growth cycles.